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  • Signe's Bakery & Cafe on Hilton Head Island announces take-home dinners - The State
    Signe's Bakery & Cafe on Hilton Head Island announces take-home dinnersThe StateSigne's Bakery & Cafe at 93 Arrow Road on Hilton Head Island will start offering take-home dinners that you can grab and later heat up in a microwave, according to a news release. Owner Signe Gardo said there will be one to two choices each night ...and more »
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  • Snow has been an ordeal for some businesses, not too tough for others -
    TriCities.comSnow has been an ordeal for some businesses, not too tough for othersTriCities.comAn online service is needed to view this article in its entirety. You need an online service to view this .... Blackbird Bakery in downtown Bristol endured the harsh weather and stayed open through it all. Hunter Akers, the second shift manager, said ...and more »
  • Papa Spud's: Local Food at Your Doorstep - CaryCitizen
    CaryCitizenPapa Spud's: Local Food at Your DoorstepCaryCitizenPapa Spud's refers to itself as an “online farmer's market.” That's because, after ... When I met Meyer and toured the warehouse, I got to try strawberries that were grown under solar tunnels only 50 miles east of the Triangle and muffins made by JP's ...
  • Bakeries emptied the pantry and fried up fashnauts - The Slate Online
    Bakeries emptied the pantry and fried up fashnautsThe Slate OnlineSaylor's Market, on Carlisle Road, has such a huge turnout that it has to start frying early. According to Carol Long, the bakery manager, workers start at midnight on Monday and fry until 3 or 4 p.m. Tuesday. Some years Saylor's has been so busy that ...
  • Moe's Southwest Grill to replace State Fountain Bakery - The Reflector
    Moe's Southwest Grill to replace State Fountain BakeryThe ReflectorWe expect to have all the renovations completed by the start of the next school year. To those graduating this year, I suggest you come back for graduate school so you can experience these great changes.” Broyles said the bakery is an essential part of ...
  • Restaurant Spotlight: Bakeshop - Falls Church News Press
    Falls Church News PressRestaurant Spotlight: BakeshopFalls Church News PressThen, after moving back to Virginia and distributing his sweets online and through other stores, Stegall opened Bakeshop five years ago, on the front end of the bakery trend. And Bakeshop's selection of cakes, cupcakes, macarons and other treats have ...
  • 'Kenya's Huge Appetite for Online Services Good for Our Business' - The Star
    'Kenya's Huge Appetite for Online Services Good for Our Business'The StarI started my career as a consultant for McKinsey & Co in London. I was actually offered MBA sponsorship and the opportunity to continue there, but had always wanted to run my own business, and saw my consulting experience as training for that. When I ...
  • 'The local bakery didn't invent making bread': Rocket Internet on copycat ... - BRW
    BRW'The local bakery didn't invent making bread': Rocket Internet on copycat ...BRWSpaceWays aims to take a 10 to 20 per cent chunk of the self-storage market dominated by companies such as Kennards, National Storage and Storage King, by enabling the process to be ordered and managed online, and removing hassles associated with ...and more »
  • Shooting suspect slams religion while defending liberty - Jacksonville Daily News
    Shooting suspect slams religion while defending libertyJacksonville Daily NewsCHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) — If his Facebook page is any indication, Craig Hicks doesn't hate Muslims. An avowed atheist, his online posts instead depict a man who despises religion itself, but nevertheless seems to support an individual's right to his ...and more »

Starting An Online Bakery

Starting An Online Bakery Articles


Does the thought of being surrounded by sweet sugary smells, hot bread coming out of the oven and customers drooling over your cupcakes sound appealing to you? Do you enjoy baking these tempting treats? Well owning a bakery business would allow you to enjoy this, but it can also a very expensive undertaking. Before you make your decision to open a bakery, you will need to make a list of the pros and cons, and the costs that it will involve to start a home based baking business.


In order to run a successful, legal bakery business, you will need to have the proper licensing from your state or city. Even if you are working from home, you need to check on the proper licensing and on zoning issues. In addition, a bakery business needs to be in full compliance with health, safety, and fire codes. You will need to have your business inspected before you can open.


By starting a home bakery business, you could create recipes, prepare and cook sweet treats and other foods from your kitchen to sell either online or to the community. Having a home based bakery business like this would allow you the benefits of not having an expensive storefront and overhead that comes from renting or buying a commercial building. This could also give you more personal time by being at home with family, along with the family's help in preparing or packaging items, which would help the business grow and generate steady income.


As a home based bakery business owner, you should understand that the initial start-up costs are higher for a home-based bakery business than most others because of the expenses of ovens and food ingredients. Commercialized ovens are costly, and some can run between $10,000 and $20,000. Finding a used oven from a website will help reduce the costs. Many ovens are cost-efficient, but these may be offset by a significantly higher electricity bill because the appliances are constantly running.


If you to offer a delivery service with local orders, you will need to add the cost of gas and insurance to the business plan, as these expenses can cause expenditures to fluctuate.


Make sure the proper licenses to create and sell food to the public are in place before opening the business. Check with the FDA's website for information on how to obtain proper licenses and tips on following the laws in your state.


Overall, a home based bakery business may help you make enough money to clear a profit while delivering satisfying food to customers. Being able to remain competitive with other bakers will be essential for the survival of the business. You must come up with solid business skills, preparing orders in time and producing top quality with every order to guarantee long-term success.


What you are about to discover is something all self employed and web based entrepreneur should know about Some of the most successful home based businesses.


This is something which is an absolute must know for every entrepreneur. You are about to discover an ultimate secret weapon which will help you to be successful online.


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